Poder Austin

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Typography


PODER is a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve impacted people of color, low income families and individuals in East Austin. They strive to empower their communities through education, advocacy and action. The organization did not have an existing brand that truly represented all of the work they do for the community.


After volunteering with PODER, I gained a deep passion for their mission. Poder is structured into four programs, the team and I decided to bring them to the forefront to effectively communicate with those seeking help and those that are looking to get involved. Our methodology was to bring their work to life by applying vibrant colors and drawing inspirations from Mexican hieroglyphics that would then resonate with the LatinX culture.

Art Direction/ Strategy: Jennifer Ann Garza, Neftaly Torres, Gabe Salas
Advertisement/Copywriting: Jennifer Ann Garza, Neftaly Torres, Gabe Salas
Brand Identity: Jennifer Ann Garza, Neftaly Torres, Gabe Salas
Website Design: Jennifer Ann Garza, Neftaly Torres, Gabe Salas
Iconography: Neftaly Torres 
Typography: Neftaly Torres, Gabe Salas