Gen G

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Typography


GEN G is pioneering a revolution in zero proof gin. Their spirit is distilled with carefully selected botanicals such as juniper, fresh apples, lavender and orange peel to create a gin with taste and fragrance. The popularity of non-alcoholic spirits brought a Challenge to Gen G with an overall rebrand to communicate to the audience what zero proof gin is all about.


Considering the trends and how millennials dictate the marketplace, the brand appeals to them as providing more options that advocate for a better, healthier lifestyle with minimal change.  The approach for this rebrand was to empower them and encourage personal decisions. Drawing inspiration from pop and urban art as well as political typography to enhance the brand.

Art Direction/ Strategy: Blaik Romo, Carina Umana, Gabe Salas
Advertisement/Copywriting: Blaik Romo, Carina Umana, Gabe Salas
Packaging Design: Carina Umana, Gabe Salas
Website Design: Carina Umana, Gabe Salas
Social Media: Carina Umana, Gabe Salas
Photography: Carina Umana, Gabe Salas